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Vol XXV, Issue 2

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TALENT IN MOTION (TIM) is a bi-annually, published arts and entertainment magazine addressing an industry where the worlds of fashion, film, art, music, travel and nightlife converge. A constantly evolving publication, TIM includes articles on emerging artists, with a focus on celebrity events, fashion editorials, advertorials and up-to-date information on health & fitness, food, wine and spirits, and hotel and travel destinations. Read by trendsetters whose earning power is a vital brand-building force in the market today, Talent In Motion Magazine is the fusion between talent and the markets that serve them.

Currently our estimated readership is up to 75,000 nationwide. Approximately 85% of our readership is New York City based, with these dwellers having one of the highest income levels in the country, 17% of our New York readers’ net income is spent on entertainment and home entertainment items. 23% attend dance studios, gyms or clubs in the City. They purchase alcoholic beverages at least twice a week and dine at neighborhood establishments 3-4 times a week. Our readers are frequent visitors to art galleries and shop for fashion accoutrements on a consistent basis, seeking new trends and styles in these high profile buying sectors. On a daily basis, 60% of the New York market purchase publications that cover art and entertainment and thus provide a constantly growing readership for Talent In Motion Magazine.

TIM Magazine sponsors events (Fashion shows, Music revues, Art openings, etc.) which provide a platform to showcase emerging talent, increase exposure and assist in the marketing of the magazine. The events serve as a networking locale for industry professionals, provide increased sales and exposure of host sites, as well as attract new talent, advertisers and subscribers to the magazine

Talent In Motion is distributed via Ubiquity distributers to major newsstands (out-side the major subway entrances), and at cafes throughout Metropolitan New york. Issues are also distributed independently to outlets in California, Florida and Texas, are direct –mailed to industry professionals, and are made available at marketing events at local clubs, restaurants, theatres, cafes, hair salons and through its advertisers, as well as by the talent featured within the magazine.


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You are invited to an evening at Alvin & Friends in New Rochelle to enjoy a myriad of talented virtuosos performing to originals of contemporary artists such as Billie Eilish, Destiny's Child, Celine Dion and Chris Isaak to old school masters such as Chicago, Donnie Hathaway and Ray Charles, while acknowledging New Orleans/ Jazz & Blues styles of Dr. John and Willie Deville.

Also included in the showcase of talent are the beautiful, delightful and energetic costumes of designer Natasha Berenzhnaya.

Natasha Berezhnaya Designs

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